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Blueair Air Purifiers

Blueair Air Purifiers
Blueair Air Purifiers

Blueair products offer exceptional performance without polluting the environment. Blueair replaces standard triclosan-coated paper or glass filter fibers, which can harm the environment when released into the waste stream, with safer, nontoxic polypropylene. In order to keep the environment and their customer’s safe, the Blueair has addressed the issue of ozone. The process of ionization, which is what the filters in all air cleaners go through in order to filter out particle, can release small amounts of ozone. Ozone can affect the environment and if inhaled, the gas can also affect a person’s lung tissue negatively. The Blueair steel housing used on all these products surrounds the ionization chamber, which reduces the amount of ozone able to escape. These Blueair air purifiers are equipped with an activated carbon filter, which is able to absorb any ozone that happens to leak from the ionization chamber. The amount of ozone in the air exiting the purifier is actually measured to be lower than the air entering the purifier.

Low Energy Cost:
Blueair's phenomenally low power usage means you can run the system 24/7 without a jump in electricity consumption. In fact, it costs about the same to clean the air in your home as it does to power a single light bulb: only 15 watts on low to 95 watts on high.


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