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Kuhn Rikon Original Corn Zipper w/ Stainless Handle

Kuhn Rikon Original Corn Zipper w/ Stainless Handle
Kuhn Rikon Original Corn Zipper w/ Stainless HandleKuhn Rikon Original Corn Zipper w/ Stainless Handle
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The Original Corn Zipper from Kuhn Rikon "unzips" kernels from the cob! This unique tool removes rows of kernels at once - neatly into a bowl.

  • Stainless Handle
  • Zips kernels cleanly off the cob
  • Kernels drop directly into your bowl
  • Zips kernels safely off the cob
  • Safer than using a knife
  • Product Reviews for Kuhn Rikon Original Corn Zipper w/ Stainless Handle

    Kuhn Rikon Original Corn Zipper w/ Stainless Handle5pestysideFebruary 15, 2008Corn season will soon be here in the Midwest, although some fortunate people in southern states might be harvesting corn now. For me, little compares to the taste of fresh corn, and I?m one of those people who buys it at farmers markets hoping to find the freshest corn possible. Sometimes I buy more than can be eaten in a day and that corn gets used in off-the-cob dishes such as corn and shrimp risotto. That requires cutting corn, previously with a knife, which was a dangerous and messy task. I grumbled quite a bit while cutting. Now, two smiles are what I get from the Kuhn Rikon Corn Zipper . The Corn Zipper was a Christmas gadget gift that needed to wait for fresh corn, not necessarily local corn, but sort of fresh corn on the cob. I do tend to rush the season. Last week I made a corn relish from ?fresh? Florida corn on the cob and was thrilled by the zipper?s performance. Two smiles? Mine was one, but the zipper head also has a smiling face with two large ?eyes? watching as you pull the corn off the cob. My smile was because this is sharp and safe and quickly removed two rows of corn much faster and neater than any knife. The zipper head is curved slightly to conform to the curvature of a corn cob. Behind the ?eyes? on the face is a set of small, very sharp teeth designed to cut off one or two rows of corn; this depends upon the plumpness and size of the kernels. Place this at the tassel end of the corn and pull it toward you while applying a little pressure. It doesn?t require much, the teeth are sharp and eager to do their job. As you pull the kernels (and only the kernels) simply drop off onto your cutting board, bowl, or skillet. I?ve been having a lot of fun discovering Kuhn Rikon products this year. Their high-quality stainless steel construction is balanced to work safely and to perform with minimal effort. This tool is no different in that respect. The four-inch handle is a stainless steel, easy-to-hold tube with a hook for hanging; the total length is 7 inches. The teeth are sharp and you will want to keep this away from small hands. The good news is that it?s also dishwasher safe. Fresh sweet corn is usually eaten straight from the cob, however, if it manages to sit around the house a day or two other uses might be more suitable. Corn relish, corn pudding, or even fried corn can be prepared so much faster with this. I?ve tried knives and other corn cutting tools with little success. Knives tend to cut the corn off in big clumps, occasionally mixing in a little of my finger with the corn. The corn and juices tend to splatter a lot with the knife process. It?s really quite messy. The round cutters that fit to various ears of corn leave chunks of corn on the cob and you have to retrieve those with a knife. As corn season approaches your region and you contemplate cooking some favorite corn dishes this year, consider this sweet little corn cutter. This smiling corn zipper definitely does its designated job. If you need to buy a small wedding present this summer, get this and a set of corn holders for the lucky couple and your gift will be fondly remembered for a long time.


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