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Laurelwood Board Care

Laurelwood Board Care



Board Care

 Laurelwood Cutting boards are easy to care for!




 To clean wash with warm soapy water 

  • DO NOT soak in water
  • DO NOT place in dishwasher
  • DO NOT place in microwave
  • DO NOT dry in direct sunlight




When your board appears dry simply apply a generous amount of GRAPE-SEED OIL to the board with a clean rag


  • Leave dry for 1-2 days and the board will be ready for use!
  • Regularity of oiling will depend on things such as the amount of use and environmental conditions (humidity, etc)


 Other Care

If you wish to remove the knife marks on your board, just sand with a very fine sandpaper before oiling. This will also bring back the smell to the board and bring the look of the board back to new!





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