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Laurelwood Natural Anti-Bacterial Properties

Laurelwood Natural Anti-Bacterial Properties


 Natural Anti-bacterial Properties

Independent University testing has discovered Camphor Laurel to be a superior food preparation surface due it its ability to reduce bacterial and fungal growth through naturally occurring elements in the wood, thereby minimizing risk of cross-contamination.  Below is an outline of the research findings:

Mean number of organisms remaining on each cutting surface:

Board Type Fungi Bacteria total
 Camphor Laurel  3.3 0.7  4.0 
 Cedar  8.0  1.7  9.7
 Plastic  9.7  7.3  17.0
 Glass  5.7  8.0  13.7





Tests carried out by Alan Waterson B.Sc. (Hons)Dip Ed, Southern Cross University, Lismore NSW Australia. April 2002

The presence of  these naturally occurring anti-bacterial properties in Camphor Laurel make it an ideal food preparation surface. These naturally occurring anti-bacterial properties are part of the timber, therefore OUR BOARDS WILL  STAY ANTI-BACTERIAL RESISTANT FOR THE LIFE OF THE BOARD, just like the first day you bought it.

For more information on Camphor Laurel and its anti-bacterial properties please visit our what is Camphor Laurel page  



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