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HomeBakewareMauviel M'passion Pastry & BakewareMauviel M'passion Copper Sugar SaucepansMauviel M'passion Copper Sugar Saucepan 16cm / 1.3 Qt.

Mauviel M'passion Copper Sugar Saucepan 16cm / 1.3 Qt.

Mauviel M'passion Copper Sugar Saucepan 16cm / 1.3 Qt.
Mauviel M'passion Copper Sugar Saucepan 16cm / 1.3 Qt.Mauviel M'passion Copper Sugar Saucepan 16cm / 1.3 Qt.
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The Mauviel collection M'passion is dedicated to gourmands that enjoy preparing their deserts as much as eating them. A complete selection of products devoted to pastry cooks and chocolate specialists. The collection M'passion satisfies the cravings of all discerning patisserie-lovers wordwide.

Pastry chefs and confectioners trust in this traditional sugar copper saucepan to heat sugar or sugar syrups for making candies and desserts. These elegant copper sugar saucepans are designed to meet the needs of the most discerning professional and household cooks. The flat base and straight sides encourage sugar to melt quickly and smoothly and the narrow spout simplifies pouring.

Capacity: 1.3 qt / 1.8 L
Diameter: 6.3 in / 16 cm
Height: 3.5 in. / 9.0 cm

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Product Reviews for Mauviel M'passion Copper Sugar Saucepan 16cm / 1.3 Qt.

Mauviel M'passion Copper Sugar Saucepan 16cm / 1.3 Qt.5C. DavisJanuary 12, 2012I just wanted to tell you that I recently purchased a copper pot from Mauveil, it was the sugar saucepan with the spout on it.. I was melting some butter in the pot then I cleaned it and placed it back on the stove. The gas was on a very low flame while I was melting the butter. I accidentally placed the pot on the stove after I cleaned it and went out shopping with my daughter.. Upon my return five hours later my other daughter informed me that she noticed that the top stove was on and the pot was empty cooking for at least five hour. She took it off the stove right away and let it cool. I am so amazed and thankful that it was that copper pot. I was more upset that the pot was discolored, until I thought about it for a moment. If that had been any other pot my whole house would of surely caught fire and burnt to the ground, with God knows who could have been sleeping at the time. After the shock wore off of what could have really happened I then took the cooper cleaner and it came as clean as new, to my surprise. I just had to let you know that pot was worth every penny I spent on it and won't buy any other pots than Mauveil again. I am sure an angel was watching over my home and my family for this holiday season, but I also think it was the quality of the merchandise. Great story for your product!


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