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Revol Culinary Porcelain Cook and Serve Ware

Revol Culinary Porcelain Cook and Serve Ware

As the leading French culinary porcelain manufacturer, Revol puts its unique expertise to work, for cookery professionals and enthusiasts. At Revol, they are constantly seeking innovation. Innovation is an important part of our culture and is a guide to or future. Our desire to create is rooted deep in Revol history an know-how, and even in its genes! Ever since Revol started out in 1789, the company has adhered to the values that have carried it through to the present, innovation, quality and performance.

Revol Culinary Porcelain  Revolution Collection
Revol Culinary Porcelain  Belle Cuisine Collection
Revol Culinary Porcelain  Grands Classiques Collection
Revol  Froissés Crumpled Collection


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