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Skybar ONE Wine System

Skybar ONE Wine System
Skybar ONE Wine SystemSkybar ONE Wine SystemSkybar ONE Wine SystemSkybar ONE Wine System
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How it Works
The Skybar ONE Wine System lets you entertain in style with the only at home wine system that chills, pours and preserves. At the press of a button, the Skybar ONE cools the bottle to its ideal serving temperature, while patented vacuum technology naturally preserves wine for up to 10 days. When youare ready for a glass, simply press a button and your favorite wine is served.
17.8" x 7" x 12" - 16 lbs

  • One chill chamber allows an opened wine bottle to be enjoyed at the ideal serving temperature.
  • Accommodates one 750 ml wine bottle.
  • 15 Wine Type Temperature Presets allow you to chill to the ideal wine temperature for each varietal.
  • Manual temperature controls allow you to further adjust temperature to your personal liking.

  • Pour directly into your glass for a wine tasting experience at home.
  • With the press of a button your wine is poured, one glass at a time.
  • No need to remove bottle or re-cork.

  • Natural Vacuum technology removes oxygen from the bottle to preserve the taste.
  • Preserves an open bottle of wine for up to 10 days by removing the oxygen that oxidizes the wine.

  • Showcase your wine and entertain with style!
  • Digital back-lit display with soft touch dial control.
  • Premium finishes and LED lighting adds ambiance and style.

Product Reviews for Skybar ONE Wine System

Skybar ONE Wine System5Phillip R.July 10, 2011If you ever open one really great bottle of wine and wish to savor it for more than one night, this is for you. I was able to keep a Luce 2003 perfect for several nights and was able to fully enjoy that and many more really fantastic wines.
    Select your wine and load the bottle into the wine chamber.
  • PRESERVE: Once your bottle is in the chamber, the skybar™ ONE Wine System's patented vacuum technology removes the oxygen from the bottle.
    With no stoppers, gases or expensive cartridges, your fine wines are naturally preserved for up to 10 days.

    Select the varietal setting for your wine - the skybar™ ONE Wine System will automatically begin chilling each wine to its optimal serving temperature.
  • CHILL: With 15 preset varietal settings, the skybar™ ONE Wine System takes the guesswork out of wine service. When served at the proper temperature, you can best enjoy the natural bouquet flavor profile of your favorite wines at your leisure.

    Step 3: POUR AND ENJOY!
    Enjoy your wine "by the glass" at home.
  • POUR: Like a fine wine bar, you can offer fine wines to your guests – at the optimal serving temperature. You can open a bottle without worry about wasting money with unfinished wine. The skybar™ ONE Wine System will preserve the bottle for up to 10 days so you can enjoy at your leisure.


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