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Slow Cookers

Slow Cookers

Slow cookers, or Crock Pots come in two basic shapes - round slow cookers and oval or oblong-shaped slow cookers. Small slow cookers are ideal for singles or households with only two people. Medium-sized slow cookers that can accommodate 14 to 16 cups are suitable for preparing full meals for a family of five. Slow cookers that can hold 22 to 24 cups are perfect for cooking larger portions of meat such as roasts. Some recipes for medium-sized slow cookers can also be done in large crocks. Other kinds of pans and cookware can be inserted in large slow cookers for baking cakes or other desserts. Despite the use of electricity in cooking over long periods of time, slow cookers use up lesser energy than a conventional electric stove or oven. In fact, most slow cookers use up energy equivalent to a 100-watt bulb.


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