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TailGator Portable Gas Powered Blender

TailGator Portable Gas Powered Blender
TailGator Portable Gas Powered BlenderTailGator Portable Gas Powered Blender
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100% American Made
Totally Portable TailGator® gas powered blender sports a 24cc 2-stroke engine which generates enough torque to whip up a pitcher of your favorite frozen beverage in just about 15 seconds. Each time you fire it up for someone new, the reaction is always the same... first total disbelief, and then the belly-laughs. Finally, the light clicks on and they start rambling about all of it's practical uses. The Totally Portable TailGator® is easy to tote around to your favorite sporting events, tailgate parties and concerts. With the optional custom designed carrying pack that holds your Tailgator, fuel bottle and spare pitcher its just as easy to take boating, camping or hiking. Whether you’re in a stadium parking lot, the infield of the Daytona 500, rockin’ out at a concert, enjoying the great outdoors, throwing the year’s best house party, or vacationing on the road, one rip of the starter cord and you’ll have the attention of everyone within a hundred yards. The TG is guaranteed to draw a crowd and earn you some major kudos. Each TailGator is assembled by hand (Made in the U.S.A.) with strict attention to detail. All parts and accessories are made of the highest quality and customized for the TailGator. TailGator gas powered blenders are made in the USA and are California EPA approved as non-polluting. Let’s face it, it’s just super cool!
  • Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Blender Capacity: 48 ozs.
  • Speed: 0-chill in 15 seconds. Best recorded time to blend a pitcher of ice complete (no lumps) was 11 seconds at the Big Boy Toy Show.
  • Engine: 24cc Poulan 2-stroke, 2-1/4 Horse with infinitely variable RPM and throttle and speed control.
  • Fuel capacity 11 oz.
  • Economy: 6,500 mpg (Margarita's per Gallon)
    Tailgator is American Made
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  • Product Reviews for TailGator Portable Gas Powered Blender

    TailGator Portable Gas Powered Blender5Scott R.July 7, 2011Wow is all I can say about this thing. At the sandbar in my boat and once I fired it up you can't imagine the crowd that showed up to drink. Run race gas in it and enjoy some really great smelling exhaust too!
    TailGator Portable Gas Powered Blender5Glen M.February 28, 2008These are gifts for my crew on a film we are working on here in Atlanta. I will make sure the crew has no gas available until Friday night - for productivity's sake. Thanks again!
    TailGator Portable Gas Powered Blender4Karen CFebruary 28, 2008I own a TailGator and have so much fun taking it to events. A few months back it went golfing with me. The greens keeper tracked down the noise and was relieved to know I was not cutting any trees down. It was the hit of the golf tournament!
    TailGator Portable Gas Powered Blender5Kevin C.February 28, 2008I received your product as a Christmas present and have been thoroughly impressed. Not only with idea of the machine but also the performance. I really appreciate products that are overbuilt. I have also had many laughs, maybe too many sometimes, but oh well!
    Tailgator is American Made
    The TailGator was the brainchild of two enterprising and passionate engineers from Northern California, who recognized a major opportunity to fill a desperate need for portable blending power. From the small town of Grass Valley, CA, the determined engineers began to skillfully hand-assemble the first models of the TailGator. With care and precision, the TailGator brand was officially launched in 1998. Once unveiled and in their possession, almost immediately customers began singing the praises of such a novel and desperately-needed product. Strong customer loyalty and devotion to the product have always been the hallmark of the TailGator brand. As word-of-mouth referrals continue to spread about the “take it anywhere, anytime” blender, TailGators are found all over the USA. The early heritage of producing high quality hand-assembled products, and delivering uncompromising customer service, continues today under the supervision of Richard Hayes, President and Chief Gator Officer. The TailGator received its first taste of the national spotlight when it was featured on the hit TV sitcom “Home Improvement.” Most recently, the TG appeared on a holiday gifts segment of “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and was such a crowd (and studio) favorite that it was invited back for a second showing. Media coverage of the TailGator has also included numerous articles in leading publications such as: The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Millionaire Magazine, Maxim, Potentials, Splash, Boating World, Dockside, Popular Mechanics, Playboy, Atlanta Sports & Fitness and a variety of others.


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