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FoodSavers Accessories

FoodSavers Accessories

Food can be a costly commodity…especially if you’re like most, and end up throwing a good deal of it away due to seemingly quick spoilage. Rest assured: the high technology wizards at Tilia have engineered an innovative and efficient vacuum system that will help you to extend the life of your veggies, fruits, meats, and other expensive perishable foods, considerably. With one-touch operation, the Tilia FoodSaver system (with FoodSaver bag) automatically vacuum-packs your edibles; seals in time-sensitive freshness; and protects them from air, moisture, and pesky freezer burn. Offering the optimum in food-protection and freshness-endurance technologies, the FoodSaver by Tilia; boasts convenient and industry-conscious features such as: hands-free operation, five-setting sealing duration, built-in roll holder/cutter, easy-clean drip tray, and accessory port to seal canisters, bottle stoppers, and universal lids. With our revolutionary Tilia FoodSaver, we at FactoryDirect2you; can help you say goodbye to spoiled meat, wilting vegetables, and freezer burn ice cream…once and for all, and at a discounted price!


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