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Electrolux Air Purifier
Home > Air Quality > Air Purifiers > Electrolux Air Purifier

Electrolux Brisa Air Purifier
Product Name: 
Air Purifier

Item Number: pad EL510A
Regular Price: $569.00
Your Savings: $69.01
FactoryDirect Price:  $499.99

Product Description:
Research increasingly points to the need for better indoor air quality in homes to reduce asthma and allergy triggers. The Electrolux Brisa is a powerful and quiet new way to clear the air and reduce allergens and particles in the air that can cause breathing difficulties. Brisa's fan draws the air into the unit where a filter traps the larger dust particles. The air then enters an internal ionization chamber and smaller particles are charged with positive ions. These charged particles are drawn to the negatively charged filter plates in the following chamber. Brisa is effective in improving indoor air quality and maintaining a healthy home.

Brisa is designed with open filter plates and a quiet yet powerful fan so you'll receive the silent flow of clean air. Brisa also has superior sound sensors that allow the cleaner to distinguish between high- and low-volume noise within your home. The sound sensor mode allows Brisa to work harder in noisier surroundings and adjusts automatically to a lower setting when your house is quiet without disturbing you. The end result is a highly efficient, extremely quiet air cleaner.

Brisa has automatic control functions that adjust according to the air quality and noise level within your home. In the dust sensor mode, Brisa will work harder to clean dirtier air. The work pace will decrease if you have higher indoor air quality. Brisa's sound sensor mode allows the air cleaner to adjust its work pace depending on the level of noise within your home. Brisa will work harder in noisier settings to maximize cleaning and, in quieter surroundings, it will adjust automatically to a lower and quieter setting. Automatic operation allows you to have cleaner air and reduces the hassle of adjusting your cleaner.

Brisa satisfies air-quality standards and offers you the assurance of clean indoor air. Brisa has an electronic display that monitors the improvement of your home's air so you can see, at a glance, that you have cleaner, healthier air in your home. The electronic display eliminates any questions you may have regarding the indoor air quality of your home.


  • Multiple Automated Settings Dust, noise, and filter sensors make it easy to enjoy a clean home and still receive the level of filtration you need. Brisa has automatic controls that adjust the work pace to the air quality and noise level in your home, removing the hassle of adjusting your cleaner.

  • Whisper-Quiet Operation Brisa's sound sensor mode allows the air cleaner to adjust to the noise level within your home without disturbing you. Brisa will work harder in noisier surroundings and automatically adjust to a lower setting when your house is quiet.

  • Reduces Household Odors You will be able to enjoy your home a little more with the Brisa Air Cleaner. Brisa uses an active carbon filter that helps to reduce odors, such as those caused by smoke and cooking, from the air.

  • Patented Filtration Technology Brisa uses an exclusive, two-filter design to clean the air and reduce allergens and dust particles that cause breathing difficulties. Brisa gives you the best filtering results and leaves you with cleaner, healthier indoor air.

    This product is direct shipped from the manufacturer's warehouse. Gift wrapping is not available and is not refundable. Thank you in advance for your understanding.


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