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2 Burner Range Cover
Cutting Board

2 Burner Range Cover
Cutting Board

teppertopper®<br>2 Burner Range Cover<br>Cutting Boardpad Counter-space, counter-space, counter-space!!!! Who doesn't need MORE COUNTERSPACE????

Joan-Tepper-Neal too wanted an "island!" She had an island but 1/2 was a stove-top..."not cool to put hors d`oeuvres on her range." So she started to look for places that might help her find a top to cover her stove...thus unleashing the entire area for serving and entertaining, or additional workspace for cooking and baking.

The Teppertopper gave her a island!

2 Burner Range 11" wide, 20" deep, 3" high with a 2" clearance

The teppertopper® is made of Northeastern hardwood – butcherblock sytyle – for beauty, durability and unity. The support rails are glued, then reinforced with brass screws for increased stability. Non-skid/non-markingbumper feet are added to the bottom of the support rails.

MAXIMIZING THE NATURAL QUALITIES OF WOOD The tight grain and food-safe surface of your hard maple teppertopper® combine to make it excellent for food preparation ­ the perfect combination of beauty and function.

Remember that wood does have enemies, the primary one being water. Think about your planned use and make sure there will be no long exposure to water. Also make allowances for the natural expansion and contraction of wood as it adapts to the environment, typically expanding in the humidity of summer and shrinking during the heating season.

The teppertopper® has been coated on the bottom with a nontoxic, fire-resistant, water based latex coating with proprietary fibers. While this coating acts as a protector from heat, REMEMBER this stove top cover is to be used ONLY with electric ranges or gas ranges equipped with an electric starter! This versatile, high-quality product is manufactured in the Great Northeastern Hardwood Belt. We are always open to new suggestions! CARE for this beautiful wood is so simple... natural mineral oil, nontoxic. Do Not apply mineral oil to the bottom surface. Continued application applied on top will add to years and years of use. . .the OLDER the BETTER!

IMPORTANT: This stove top cover is to be used ONLY with electric ranges or gas ranges equipped with an electric starter!

This product is direct shipped from the manufacturer's warehouse. Gift wrapping is not available and is not refundable. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

tepper2burnerpadRegular Price: $99.00padFactoryDirect Price: $69.00pad


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