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Food Steamers and Deep Fryers / Thermal Cookers

Food Steamers and Deep Fryers / Thermal Cookers

Fresh steaming vegetables. Boiled lobster. Deep-fried chicken fingers, french fries, and seafood. Most of our favorite mouth-watering meals come from restaurant kitchens…and that’s why, when most of us want the best-tasting morsels, we go out to dinner. Cutting-edge technology and culinary insight from manufacturers such as BroilKing, has brought us another option: boil, steam, or fry it at home like your favorite chefs! Our electric deep fryers come complete with commercial-quality function/features such as multi-temp adjustable thermostats, up to 14 quart capacity, perforated baskets with draining clips; and are deep enough to fry a turkey and wide enough to boil a family-size stew. We at FactoryDirect2you, know that your kitchen is as good as theirs, and want to make sure you save time, money, and appetite for a home culinary creation that tastes like a restaurant one!


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