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Grinders and Slicers

Grinders and Slicers
Grinders and SlicersGrinders and Slicers

Bringing the local deli’s expertise, precision, and slicing/grinding savvy home to your kitchen can be a lot more easy and inexpensive than you think, when you invest in one of our extremely affordable state-of-the-art grinders or slicers. Grind hamburger, sausage, nuts, etc with aplomb. Slice meat, fruits, and vegetables with ease. Create culinary masterpieces from simple ingredients and high-tech commercial-style appliances. With a touch of a button or a flick of a switch, provide the desired thickness and consistency you once thought you could only get from the store. Our ingeniously-fashioned electric meat and vegetable grinders and slicers, have been engineered with the same muscle and quality of commercial grinder/slicer construction, complete with high-powered yet quiet motors; coated steel materials; stainless steel housing; adjustable blade widths; precision slice control; and the utmost in blade and slicing safety, with the inclusion of safety controls and blade guard. We, at FactoryDirect2You, know how important consistency and thickness can be when cooking, baking, or preparing a particular meal; and that’s why we offer the best in quality grinders and slicers, so that you don’t have to depend upon the deli or grocery store for precisely-cut, custom-made ingredients.

Waring Professional Food Slicers
Chef's Choice® Food Slicers
Maverick® Meat Grinders
CucinaPro™ Electric Slicers


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