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Wellness Mats Anti-Fatigue Fitness Mats

Wellness Mats Anti-Fatigue Fitness Mats

UNMATCHED COMFORT FitnessMats offers premium performance with the ultimate in comfort and support. FitnessMats interact with the body by effectively suspending the body weight and reducing impact & stress.

REDUCE TRIP HAZARDS Guaranteed to always lie flat. The one-piece 5/8 construction offers no trip, ADA-compliant 20 degree beveled edges that will never curl, separate or delaminate.

ANTI-MICROBIAL (BY DESIGN) The 100% APT polyurethane construction is inherently anti-microbial. Using any ordinary wipe or spray, FitnessMats can be effective cleaned and will not harbor bacteria in cracks or crevices.

SAFE, NON-TOXIC & LATEX FREE The FitnessMats have no unfriendly odors, are puncture, heat, stain and dirt resistant. Their non-slip top and bottom surfaces are certified by the NFSI (National Floor Safety Institute) as being high traction.


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