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Kuhn Rikon Cook's Flexi Spatulas

Kuhn Rikon Cook's Flexi Spatulas

This high-quality, flexible stainless steel spatula by Kuhn Rikon lifts and turns foods with a delicate touch. And it's strong enough for general, all-purpose cooking. The slim spines and long slots allow for quick, efficient draining. The thin leading edge is angled and offset from the rest of the blade so the tool can slip easily under foods. Eggs over-easy truly are easy and omelets practically fold on their own.

The larger one, commonly referred to as a fish spatula, is the tool of choice for cooking fish fillets and steaks and whole small fish. Turn hamburgers, chicken breasts, and scaloppini. The thin, wide blade lifts cookies off baking sheets in a flash. Both spatulas are dishwasher safe.


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