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Laurelwood Imports Lazy Susan

Laurelwood Imports Lazy Susan
Laurelwood Imports Lazy Susan

Laurelwood Imports is proud to introduce a truly unique, handmade Australian Camphor Laurel range of products that until now have been unavailable in the United States. Laurelwood Imports LLC is a family owned and operated company based in Charleston, South Carolina & Queensland, Australia. All products are Individually Hand-Crafted In Australia by Australians from 100% Australian materials. Laurelwood Boards One Piece Working Surface features Natural Anti-bacterial Properties and Camphor Laurel Boards are Safe on Knives. Each Laurelwood board is unique (and we think superior) to other cutting boards on the market. The Natural 'Camphor/Eucalyptus' Smell will help keep the board from going 'rancid' after years of use and Camphor Laurel is an Environmentally Friendly Green Timber


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