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Pyramid Solutions TRACS Air Purifier White

Pyramid Solutions TRACS Air Purifier White
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  • 15" x 15" X 22", 45 LBS
  • 1 AMP @ 120 V 60 HZ
  • 20 gauge powder coated steel
  • Standard colors Black, White, Sandstone


  • CERTIFIED HEPA FILTRATION: HEPA filter with 80 ft2 of media removes airborne dust, allergens, particulate and mold with hospital grade efficiency. All filters are individually certified to guarantee 99.99% efficiency at .3 microns, and they are mechanically sealed within the cabinet to prevent air bypass, allowing TRACS which operate at HEPA efficiency.
  • HIGH DOSAGE ULTRAVIOLET LAMPS: Two UV lamps located before and radiating on the dirty/inlet side of the HEPA filter destroy airborne bacteria and viruses and larger microorganisms that collect on the HEPA. Mold is too big to be destroyed by UV on a single pass when airborne, but which are easily trapped by the HEPA filter and can therefore be deactivated due to constant UV bathing. If left untreated trapped mold can lead to premature HEPA replacement in other units due to contamination of the HEPA media, but given the UV bath and amount of filter media, the HEPA filter in TRACS can last up to six years.
  • ACTIVATED CARBON: 3 ½ lbs. of carbon and zeolite are incorporated into the Carbon Prefilter Pack to adsorb harmful odors, chemicals, and gases, and it removes larger dust and allergens to protect the more expensive HEPA filter. The Prefilter Packs are designed for regular replacement (as you would change the prefilter in any air cleaner to protect the HEPA); but in doing so fresh carbon is continually being used so the unit's odor adsorption ability is maximized. Every TRACS comes with a year's supply of Carbon Prefilter Packs (10 ½ lbs.)
  • FOUR SPEED BLOWER: New four speed blower made exclusively for PAS offers the quietest and most efficient air flow on the market. The new low “Whisp-Air” speed allows for silent operation while still maintaining hospital grade efficiency. Medium to High speeds create maximum air efficiency at noise levels suitable for residential and commercial use.
  • KEYPAD CONTROLS: TRACS now utilizes a micro-processing keypad that controls air flow, the UV lamps, and it also monitors loading on the HEPA filter and the Carbon Prefilter Pack. Easy touchpad controls allow for simple fan speed changing, UV lamp on/off, and LEDs monitor UV lamps and the filters to inform when individual UV lamps need to be replaced or when filters are clogged with particulate buildup.
  • INDEPENDENT HEPA AND CARBON FILTERS: The carbon and HEPA are separate filters in TRACS because carbon typically saturates much more quickly than a HEPA filter becomes clogged. Even if larger amounts of carbon were used in a HEPA filter, carbon filters will usually saturate within at least a year, if not sooner. Carbon acts like a sponge in adsorbing odors, chemicals and gases, and once the carbon saturates is can actually outgas trapped odors, so fresh carbon should be used at all times. And by having separate carbon and HEPA filters, consumers will not need to pay to replace both the HEPA and carbon when only the carbon needs be replaced, greatly reducing maintenance costs for the life of the air cleaner.
  • UNIT TESTING/EFFICIENCY: Because of the quality of the HEPA filter and the fact that it is secured within the cabinet to prevent air bypass. TRACS performs at HEPA efficiency (99.9+% at .3 microns) Therefore, each TRACS unit is tested with a laser particle counter and the unit efficiency is documented and noted on a Certificate of Performance, which is included with each unit shipped.
  • AIRFLOW PATTERN: The key to any air cleaner is the airflow pattern that it creates. A device can utilize the best air cleaning technology in the world, but if the dirty air is not drawn into the unit from throughout the room and replaced with clean disinfected air, then the device's overall effectiveness and efficiency is limited. The airflow pattern created by TRACS is designed to produce an excellent mixing factor and clean all parts of the room. Dirty air is drawn in through the top of the unit through three intake vents. This allows for the most efficient removal of contaminated air from the normal breathing zone (3-6 feet high), as the dirty air has easy and direct access to the unit's air intake. Air then passes through the five stages of filtration before being exhausted out of the lower portion of the unit from three sides to all parts of the room. Unlike some air cleaners that unsuccessfully try to maneuver dirty air from the room via clean air exhaust, TRACS actively and aggressively removes or vacuums dirty air from the normal breathing zone.
  • EASE AND AFFORDABILITY OF MAINTENANCE: All replacement parts are easily accessed via a single back panel that is held in place with four nylon knurl screws. NO TOOLS ARE REQUIRED FOR UNIT MAINTENANCE. And TRACS's replacement costs are up to one half that of its nearest competitors.
  • INDICATOR LIGHTS: Monitor and inform customers when HEPA filter and UV lights need to be replaced.


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