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Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin 1731 Five Piece Block Set

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin 1731 Five Piece Block Set
Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin 1731 Five Piece Block SetZwilling J.A. Henckels Twin 1731 Five Piece Block SetZwilling J.A. Henckels Twin 1731 Five Piece Block SetZwilling J.A. Henckels Twin 1731 Five Piece Block Set
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Henckels TWIN 1731 knives feature clean lines, made entirely from natural materials. Twin 1731 is pleasant to the touch and is the knife that you will always have at hand and that you can not do without.

Designer Mateo Thun states "To design a knife in its purest shape is the basic idea. Haptics and warmth are important - wood delivers the desire for "high touch", the eye's desire to catch. Wood and high tech can be combined as long as the technology stays hidden. The art lies in the treatment of the surface. This is how the Henckels TWIN 1731 knife was created for Zwilling named after the year that the Zwilling brand was founded."

This Henckels TWIN 1731 5pc Knife Block Set is a basic set of incredible Henckels TWIN 1731 knives stored in a beautifully designed magnetic ash wood block.

Set Contains:
  • Magnetized Ash Wood Block
  • 31860-101 4"/100mm Paring Knife
  • 31860-201 8"/200mm Slicing Knife
  • 31861-201 8"/200mm Chef's Knife
  • 32574-230 9"/230mm Sharpening Steel

  • Product Reviews for Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin 1731 Five Piece Block Set

    Here are some videos by Master Bladesmith Bob Kramer. Bob Kramer is one of only 120 Master Bladesmiths in the US. To earn this title from the American Bladesmith Society, one must undergo years of study and then pass a Master's Test. The test required building a 10" Bowie knife made of 300+ layers of steel. This one knife had to cut through a 1" free hanging rope in one swing, chop through a two-by-four twice, shave a swatch of arm hair (after the two-by-four), and finally, bend the blade at a 90 degree angle without the blade breaking. If you succeed, then you submit five flawless knives (including a 15th century Quillion dagger, a very difficult knife to make) to a panel of judges.

    "What Is Sharp?" by Bob Kramer

    "Honing Your Knives" by Bob Kramer

    Products by ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS are timeless classics that have the power to fascinate people over generations. For the last 275 years they have been the result of passion, knowledge and experience. The constant quest for innovation has inspired ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS to take another step into the future and commission the internationally acclaimed architect and designer Matteo Thun with this new development, Twin 1731.

    For Matteo Thun authenticity in material and form, balanced proportions, the highest demand on functionality and quality, in short - the constant search for durability, are the basis and driving force behind his work. Large scale or small, in architecture as well as in design, he always follows the same maxim: real luxury is built on simplicity and directness. Only authentic, reliable, pure and unmistakable products positively influence our quality of life, give trust - convincingly self-explanatory.

    To design a knife in its purest shape is the basic idea that Matteo Thun implemented for ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS TWIN 1731. A "tool", for lovers of knives and connoisseurs - for users who value the exceptional, ask for the best possible quality and understand good design. Aesthetics and warmth are important - wood delivers desire for "high touch", the eye's desire to catch. Wood and high tech can be combined as long as the technology stays hidden. The art lies in the treatment of the surface.

    Using a Henckels Twin 1731 knife is an emotional experience through the combination of outstanding manufacturing expertise and valuable raw materials. The knife is precision-forged from one single piece. The Cronidur® 30 high-performance steel that has been specifically developed for aviation and space technology, guarantees ultimate sharpness and stability.

    Blade, bolster and handle are shaped into harmonious unity. The handle, made from valuable Makassar ebony, sensuously combines innovation and design. A new type of blade geometry fits perfectly into the design as a whole. The shape of the bolster gives the thumb a safe lead on the blade, consequently allowing for an easy and precise cut. A Henckels Twin 1731 knife feels powerful, elegant and pleasant to the touch and it fulfils the highest demands on function, aesthetics and ergonomics.

    Reduced to the bare essentials with that tangible, perfectly natural intensity of the materials Henckels Twin 1731 is a knife that gets increasingly close to you, a knife that you will never want to be without again.

    Clear and defined: The Henckels Twin 1731 knife series comprises the essential knife types. Five knives that fulfil all requirements that wet the appetite for professional cooking.

    Henckels TWIN 1731 features a new type of bolster, perfect balance and the handle’s ergonomic shape deliver safe, flexible and comfortable handling. New bolster shape allows the edge to be sharpened in full from the tip to the end of the blade.

    A new, precise sharpening technology produces the slim wedge-shaped blade with a thin edge and a broad back of the blade.

    The special construction of the tang—visible only along the bottom of the handle—adds to the high-quality and pleasing feel. The upper surface of Twin 1731 is closed, the hand touching only the warm and soft wood.

    Cronidur30 steel delivers the blade‘s high bending strength. The knife becomes more stable, the cut safer and more precise.

    Features of Twin 1731:
  • New Bolster Design
  • Protects fingers yet blade is sharpened to the heel until the end (pat. pending)
  • New Blade Shapes
  • Optimized blade geometry for professional cutting performance
  • Embedded Lasered Logo
  • Everlasting visibility in use as well as in storage, suitable for left and right handlers
  • New Handle Design
  • Very ergonomic and well balanced handle
  • Valuable Makassar ebony wood
  • New Formula Steel Alloy
  • Cronidur 30 (developed for space technology)
  • 60 Rockwell hardness vs 56 +1 Rockwell of standard steel
  • Higher cutting performance vs standard steel
  • Very high corrosion resistant
  • One piece precision forged
  • New Grinding Technology
  • Precise cutting performance due to precise slim form of a wedge, small and sharp angle of the edge combined with wide sturdy back of the blade
  • Fridour Ice Hardening
  • For stability, corrosion resistance and lasting sharpness

    About the Steel:
    Cronidur 30 is a highly nitrogenous martensitic steel. While it has been especially developed for the extreme demands in aviation and space technology, it is now also used for highly strained components in automobile and mechanical engineering. The corrosion resistance of Cronidur 30 is a hundred times higher than standard steel and shows a fivefold higher lifespan than M50 steel. The bearings of the Space Shuttle‘s fuel pump, where only fluid oxygen and hydrogen respectively, are available as lubricant, had to be changed after each start in the past. Thanks to Cronidur 30 the bearings now withstand more than 40 start cycles. For the construction of airplanes Cronidur 30 is used for the bearings of the main drive shafts as well as the adjustable shafts of the landing flaps. The bearings of the A380‘s four Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines that deliver up to 100.000 HP, are also made of this exclusive high-performance steel.

    Advantages Cronidur 30:
  • High hardness and strength (up to 60 HRC)
  • Good toughness
  • Outstanding corrosion resistance
  • Long lifespan
  • Wear-and-tear resistant

  • Improved initial and lasting cutting properties
  • More robust in daily use
  • Well protected against adverse daily influences
  • Improved knife lifespan

    Cronidur 30 is exclusively used by ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS for knife blades.
    TWIN 1731 knives are precision-forged from one piece and ice-hardened.


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